So, What is

Well, it’s a hand-picked selection of the best free design and development tools out there. aims to help all designers and developers create their best projects, using the highest quality of the latest tools, without breaking the bank.

It all started when I was developing a website for a client, and I wanted to use free high-quality icons, stock photos and illustrations. I kept searching for hours on end for the best stuff out there. And when I found a tool or resource that was great, I would add it to my favorites in my browser. You can imagine how tedious that got. So I thought, let’s make a text file with all those links, but then, again, as the list grew larger, searching for something became time-consuming.

Et Viola!

Let’s make a website, my brain thought! And was the result of that. It was initially just for my own personal use. But later, I thought why not share it with the world, so that other designs and developers might get some use out of it. In the future, I’m hoping that a community of designers and developers will help grow and develop over time. Making it a community-centric service for all.

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If you’d like to give some feedback, or you have any comments, or just want to chat for whatever reason, send me an email at, or simply use the contact form below.

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